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Directions for Use

Why Moccamaster & the Importance of Maintaining your machine, it’s easy!

Why Moccamaster?

Because Moccamaster;

  • has set the global benchmark for excellence in coffee brewing around the world
  • coffee machines and grinders are handmade in the Netherlands using quality parts and materials. Every machine is tested in a live situation (water/electrics) before shipping
  • offers an industry leading 5-year Limited Warranty
  • are made with durable metal housing, and where plastics are used, they are BPA/BPS/BPF and Phthalate FREE
  • uses a copper boiling element which allows for consistent water temperature control (copper is antibacterial in function)
  • are simple to use, with a quiet brew process
  • are energy efficient, timeless in design, long-lasting, reliable, cleanable, recyclable and sustainable!


The Moccamaster is easy to use and to maintain. 


  1. Pour fresh cold water in the water reservoir, never use hot water. Gradation on left is litres.
  2. Put a filter in the filter basket and medium ground (like coarse sand) coffee in the filter.  Rule of thumb is 60 g of coffee per litre water, a level scoop that comes with the machine holds 10g.
  3. Ensure correct setting for full or smaller quantity (half a litre or less) coffee.
  4. Switch on the power button.  Enjoy.


The Moccamaster requires very little maintenance however to keep the machine in top condition and for best tasting coffee, we recommend periodic cleaning and de-scaling.


Coffee oil residue accumulates on parts that come in contact with water and coffee, like the filter holder and carafe.  This build up will gradually affect the taste of the coffee.  To remove this residue we recommend to use Cafetto Brew-Clean every three months or so and this product is available on our web shop. 

Never wash any parts in a dish washer.


We recommend de-scaling the machine every three months or so to prevent build up of lime scale  which will affect the function of the machine.  Please note the warranty is void if the machine fails due to limescale.  We recommend Cafetto Organic Liquid Descaler and this product is available on our web shop. 


Your machine is deigned to last for a long time however things can happen and should your machine need repair then please contact us

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