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CDT Grand: Filter Coffee For Your Cafe

CDT Grand: Filter Coffee For Your Cafe

At the beginning of each morning, a barista will "dial in" coffee to an espresso machine. This involves a bit of guess work: coffee doesn't taste the same day to day, or even over the course of the day for that matter. Dialling in comprises of fiddling with the size of ground coffee, the amount of ground coffee, and tamping pressure to name a few. An optimum balance is found that extracts the best possible flavours of the coffee, just in time for the line of snoozy customers after their caffeine fix. 

Now that everything is up and running, and lattes, long blacks and caps are being served, an order for a filter coffee can seriously shake up the routine. Preparing a V60 pourover or chemex can take a decent chunk of time (around 5-6 minutes), meanwhile around 8 espresso based coffees can be created. The rising popularity of specialty coffee in Australia has ensured that this is a very realistic scenario. Slowing down the pace of the morning rush can be costly, however, not serving filter coffee at all can change the quality at which consumers perceive your business.

The Moccamaster CDT Grand strikes a balance in all regards. Yes, you'll have to take a bit of time at the start of the day to measure out a batch. But then it's done. Serving a filter coffee only takes as long as you take to pour from the thermal container (which also keeps the coffee hot) into a cup. It also arguably tastes just as good as a V60, as we found out when we popped into Wolf and Hound in Flemington. They serve coffee roasted by the legends around the corner Rumble Coffee Roasters, and their setup is a demonstration on how to make incredible coffee in a tight but comfortable space. 

So much like dialling in your espresso machine, the Grand appreciates a bit of love to deliver a killer brew. The bonus is that the work will more than pay itself off.

Below: Perfect example of what you need to make great coffee in a small area.

Moccamaster Grand

Moccamaster Grand

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